When was the last time you really, truly danced?

10 January 2019


Sarah Rice

Dance. Remember the time you used to arrive into work from the night before after dancing your socks off with work colleagues? The time when weekends were filled with letting your hair down clubbing or rocking it out to your favourite music, the worries and stresses of the working week a world away?

Maybe you’re one of the lucky ones that still gets out there for a regular boogie, someone who makes space in their life for the physical freedom and passion that is ignited in our souls when we really, truly dance.

Sadly, for lots of us right now, dancing may feel like a pretty trivial pursuit. As we head into 2019 in the UK, it feels a little like we have all the freedom of someone strapped into a rollercoaster that is unsteadily jolting its way to the top with the drop on the other side unknown, unseen and unusually significant.

Dancing might feel like too small an act to combat all these worries – and yet, maybe it’s exactly what we need to forget about all the separatism, financial uncertainty and border controls. To remember our human natures and our need to stomp and stamp and make some noise for no other reason than the music drives us to do so.

I’ve been considering this recently because I’m a trustee of the humanitarian refugee and asylum seeker charity Aid Box Community and we are teaming up with our amazing, inspiring friends at Temwa UK to provide an opportunity for dance to bring us closer together.

Bristol Come Dancing is open to everyone of any dance ability and age, who will receive training from professional dancers in Cuban salsa, swing and lindyhop and compete in a Bristol final showdown on March 23rd.

Dance is universal, it comes from the earthy beats of a global drum, it has no care for creed or colour, it creates a natural space in which we can all express our own individual identities as we congregate as bodies in movement.

Right now, I can’t help but feel we need more dance in our lives. We need to remember what unites us, where we all come from and also how we can be gentle and giving, alive and inspired.

If you want to get involved in #BristolComeDancing it’s all strictly for a good cause and you can register here – let’s show the world that when we bring communities closer we really are stronger together than we ever could be when apart.

Get in touch with me if you’re like to hear more about volunteering or helping at ABC or Temwa. We can help facilitate corporate social responsibility programmes and provide the feel good factor for your work force too.

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