How to harness the power of video content

17 October 2018


Rice PR

Video. Once the preserve of huge companies embarking on significant (and expensive) marketing campaigns, it is now as available to start-ups and scale-ups as it is to corporates. And while we all know that content is king, now video is asserting itself as one of the main ways to rule.

Whether it is internal communications, media relations or social media, video deserves consideration as an important part of any campaign.

The stats speak for themselves. In the Global Web Index Social Report 2018, researchers found that watching video on social is now a mainstream activity.

Virtually all social networkers have watched a clip online in the last month. More than half (56%) of Facebookers have watched one on their network, as have four in 10 Snapchatters and Instagrammers.

What does it take?

While the time to be nervous of video is over, more often than not the first thing that’s needed is some courage.

It’s a big ask to just hop on the bandwagon if you’ve never done it before – and even if you are experienced in video content there are multiple options to choose from in terms of what is right for you.

The key to this kingdom really is all in the strategic and creative planning. You have to ask:

  • What is the most exciting thing about our service/product?
  • How can we bring this alive simply and effectively?
  • Which platforms do we want to tell our stories on/who are we talking to?
  • Who will lead the programme internally?
  • How will we measure its success?

There’s no doubt that even working with video on smart phones involves time and budget requirements so ‘just doing it’ in the hope of going viral is not an effective strategy.

Engaging with creatives who have experience in bringing brands and stories to life is your best bet to landing a story that sings about who you are. The social strategy surrounding this is then key to making other people want to be a part of your world too.

Some inspiration

Are you ready for video?

Is your company ready to really make an impact with its campaign? Just as our marketing and advertising counterparts are embracing video, so Rice PR is here to help you explore the possibilities and push the boundaries in your PR campaign through ALL media.

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