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How Rice PR helped ISL raise its profile and be voted one of Britain’s best places in which to work

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ISL Recruitment

ISL, a recruitment company hiring across the engineering, technology and public sectors.


To help the organisation attract better candidates as part of a recruitment drive.

To build employer brand and raise awareness of the positive work culture at ISL.


A competitive market, no news event tie-ins.


Rice PR identified stories and themes within the business to help demonstrate the thinking behind the strategy and outcomes. Director Alan Furley became a lead commentator on this issue and we created a Thought Leadership programme around him within the regional and trade media. He was positioned as an accessible local business leader and his participation was secured in regional and national round table discussions. He is also now a regular contributor to Recruiter magazine.

Recruitment company celebrates 10 year anniversary.


Widespread coverage in regional and business press across a range of formats based on news generation and thought leadership editorials. This was carried through into a 12-month programme continuing to raise the company’s profile in multiple key trades and regional press. In 2018 ISL was recognised as one of the UK’s best small businesses in which to work by which in turn was used to generate further coverage across a wide range of formats.

With the communication aspects of the recruitment strategy aligned with the company’s business objectives, ISL achieved it highest grossing year which also included its most profitable quarter.

“We set out with a clear direction of what we wanted to achieve as a company but were not sure about how this would turn into a media-facing programme. Rice PR were able to not only provide the overview and insight we needed to feel confident but were also able to to communicate this in a way that made sense. The team has produced excellent results which have been a fundamental in gaining market share and have a key part of our business development and growth. Working with Rice PR has allowed us to be bold in our opinions knowing that the process is in the hands of professionals and delivered with creativity and care.”

Alan Furley, Director of ISL